President, Co-Founder of Greenway Distillers and others
Seminar: Panel 1

Crispin Cain is the president and co-founder of Greenway Distillers, Inc., Tamar Distillery, Inc., and American Craft Whiskey Distillery. As senior distiller Crispin oversees all aspects of production of Low Gap Whiskey, Russell Henry Gin and many other fine spirits. Crispin has been working in wine and spirits since 1983. He moved to Mendocino County in 1985 to get more involved in winemaking. In 1989, Crispin went to work for the brandy master, Hubert Germain-Robin, as the assistant distiller. Crispin Cain and Tamar Kaye have been collaborating since 1992, they have been in the spirits business together since 2005.